Users of Accounting Information

  1. Competitors
    Want to compare their business to ours business and check on the profit of both business.
  2. Owners/Shareholders
    To improve the business and make more profit to control the weakness of the business.
  3. Government
    To check whether the accounts are prepared to all the rules to calculate the tax from the profit.
  4. Managers
    To develop the business and take consecutive action where necessary to improve it.
  5. Banks
    Check the profitability and the cash situation of the business before giving loans and to judge whether the business will pay back.
  6. Employees
    To check the stability of the business if it is not good and they might decide to leave, demand for higher pay.
  7. Suppliers
    Will want to check whether the business is in a good cash position to ensure they will pay their debts.
  8. Potential Buyers
    Potential buyers will want to see whether how much the business is worth and also if it is making enough profits and has a good future.